About Dina Panayi

There is a lot to say about this beautiful woman, but let’s try to be brief : ) Dina Panayi, experienced IELTS tutor, was raised in New Zealand and graduated from Massey University with a degree in English. She left to take up residence in Cyprus where she taught in various schools and private institutes before establishing her own English Learning institute. Since 2002, she has been specialising mainly in IELTS test preparation. She has helped hundreds of students develop the necessary Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing Skills for studies abroad where English is the main language of instruction.

Dina works closely with the British Council as an educator, a Teacher-Trainer and Examiner. In 2010, she became an IELTS examiner for the Writing and Speaking tests for the British Council. She also held the position of Product Manager for the British Council educating and promoting the IELTS test in various Universities. Dina has extensive experience in preparing candidates for studies in the UK and other countries where English is the main teaching language.

She has founded IELTS Elephant to provide students worldwide with everything they need to pass IELTS.

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