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Get the IELTS Elephant course for full preparation in all modules of the IELTS test or check the other products and services to choose the ones that best meet your needs in order to pass IELTS quickly.

New IELTS Elephant Course: Full IELTS Preparation + Free eBook

This is a complete guide to the IELTS test in just 6 hours. The short, informative 55 lectures of the new IELTS Elephant course take you through exactly what you need to pass IELTS. The techniques, detailed explanations and examples will help you succeed in IELTS with a high band score. The free eBook provides extra practice material and more practice resources.

"IELTS Most Common Topics for Speaking & Writing" - eBook

This eBook contains ideas and vocabulary 36 for the most commonly found IELTS topics in the Speaking & Writing parts of the IELTS test. Along with the ideas, a practice Speaking question and a typical Writing Task 2 question are given for each topic. Learn the Vocabulary you need to be prepared for the Speaking and Writing parts of the IELTS test and find many ideas which you can develop, all in one book.

IELTS Writing Correction Service

Get your essays corrected for the Writing Tasks 1 & 2 by an ex Writing IELTS examiner in 1-2 days. Receive clear, constructive feedback based on the IELTS band descriptors. Get tips on how to improve your writing and raise your band score. For more information, drop us a message.

Online IELTS Lessons

Online IELTS lessons are available on demand. The online lessons are on a 1-1 basis which cater to your individual needs. You can also practice Speaking with a native English speaking teacher who will give you feedback on your performance and advise you as to how to improve. Contact us for more information.

IELTS Teacher Training Workshop

As an IELTS teacher, you will need to be familiar with the structure of all four modules of the IELTS test and the various question types. Our IELTS teacher workshops cover all aspects of the test with top teaching tips so you can prepare your students for the test. IELTS teacher workshops run globally, at your premises. Contact us for more details about the workshops, locations and dates.

Offine IELTS Lessons

Face-to-face lessons available at "The IELTS Elephant Centre" in Larnaca, Cyprus or abroad at your premises on demand. For more information, drop us a message.

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