IELTS Offline Classes

In general, IELTS online coaching is preferable to IELTS offline classes for many reasons. 

Advantages of online education:
– Flexibility; it is accessible from anywhere using your device and internet connection.
– Comfortable learning and convenient attendance. You can create your own training program.
– Budget-friendly.
– You can record lessons for later references.

But some students prefer IELTS offline classes. There are many reasons, but most common ones follow below: 
– Fewer distractions. During online classes students can browse other online platforms or pay less attention in class.
– Teachers can give students an individual approach, solve their issues quickly. 

Fortunately, the exam structure remains the same in both modes, so it does not directly affect the applicant’s score.

People argue that traditional schooling is more beneficial than online learning because students can communicate face-to-face with their peers and teachers.

IELTS offline classes are available at “The IELTS Elephant Centre” in Larnaca, Cyprus or abroad at your premises on demand.

1-1 classes

IELTS Elephant  offers students the chance to  choose between private 1-1 lessons or to  join a small group.

Why study on a 1-1 basis?

  1. Customised lessons: Lessons are made for you. Lessons are tailored  to meet individual needs. Students can focus on areas that need more attention. 
  2. Flexible scheduling: Book and join lessons based on your individual program. Some students cannot join a group as they work or study during the day and benefit from the flexibility we offer in booking lessons.
  3. Immediate feedback: Students receive immediate feedback on their speaking or writing performance with helpful tips for how to improve.

Offline lessons

We have over 25 years in teaching IELTS at the IELTS Elephant Centre

For those who live in the Larnaca district, we offer offline lessons at the IELTS Elephant Centre. Students can enjoy face to face lessons for a more personalised IELTS experience. 

Test-takers can choose between short, intensive 6-week IELTS preparation courses or longer 3-month IELTS courses.

Our qualified tutors here at the IELTS Elephant centre in  Larnaca, have many years of experience in teaching IELTS with great success. Our real student testimonials  verify that IELTS lessons are both effective and enjoyable.

For more information, drop us a message.