How can you benefit from studying IELTS online?

IELTS is an English proficiency test that an individual at upper intermediate level or higher can prepare for on his/her own. By preparing well and mastering the specific techniques, everyone can succeed in the IELTS Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking modules.

There is a lot of free IELTS material online but one can easily get lost on the Internet – something that can result in a waste of precious time and the possibility of missing important tips and information.

Why online courses can help you

Taking an online IELTS course has the benefit of providing the necessary information in an organised way. It is similar to taking a face-to-face classroom lesson but it is less costly and more convenient. You can do it in the comfort of your own home, on the computer, mobile or tablet. You can take an online course any time, you can see your progress, download course content, get online support and updates anytime on any device. Finally, an online course reduces the need to collect and search for content online. This saves valuable time which leaves more time for IELTS practice.

What to look for in an online IELTS course

You should choose an online course based on your needs. For example, do you need a Speaking-only course or a full preparation course?

You also need to look for specific standards before choosing an online IELTS course. For example,

  • Is the instructor – and the course creator – an experienced IELTS tutor who will provide you with the best tips?
  • Can you understand the instructor easily?
  • Is there enough explanation in each lecture?
  • Does the course provide adequate practice material?
  • Is extra support available?
  • Are other students satisfied with the course?

These are some questions you should ask before choosing which online IELTS course to take.

The new IELTS Elephant Course is a course that fulfils all the standards. It is created by Dina Panayi, an experienced IELTS teacher and an examiner of the IELTS test. Dina, who has been teaching IELTS over the last 20 years, shares her tried and tested IELTS methods with you, wherever you may be in the world. The high pass rate in IELTS and positive student reviews testify to the fact that her students are both successful in achieving their goals and find the lessons both enjoyable and interesting. As an IELTS examiner, Dina knows exactly what you need to succeed in this important test.

Here’s how the IELTS Elephant course can help you.

1. Learn ALL the IELTS modules in just 6 hours

The IELTS Elephant Course covers all modules of the IELTS test – Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking. The course contains short informative videos that focuson the specific strategies you need to pass. But that’s not all! It provides ample examples, explanations and practice material to master this information.

2. Free eBook with extra practice material

The IELTS Elephant Course comes with a free eBook with all the slides and transcript as well as links to extra practice material. This eBook makes IELTS test preparation even more effective!

3. Tips to answer all question types

You will learn how to approach all parts of the IELTS test and what techniques to follow to answer the questions correctly so you can achieve a band score higher than 7.

4. Model Answers

Typical IELTS Writing Task 1 and 2 questions as well as many Speaking topics with model answers are provided in the IELTS Elephant course. The model answers give you an idea of how to answer the questions according to the Official IELTS Marking criteria and what a high scoring essay would look like.

5. Live videos, slide presentations & downloadable resources

Dina introduces each module with a live lecture then follows with clear slides to explain all the question types. All the material used in the course can be found in the eBook and the resources are downloadable in the course.

6. Transcript & subtitles available

The videos have English subtitles and a transcript is available within the course.

7. Unlimited life access to the course

Students can listen to the lectures over and over again until they feel confident enough to take the test.

8. Prompt availability

Dina is available to answer further questions about the course or for an explanation of any points relating to the material or about the IELTS test in general.

9. Discount coupons

Participants of the IELTS Elephant course get a discount coupon for the IELTS Most Common Topics for Speaking & Writing. This is an eBook to practise the most common topics in the IELTS test. Students learn useful vocabulary and ideas related to the most commonly examined topics  in IELTS Speaking & IELTS Writing.

To sum up

Online IELTS courses can help you with your IELTS test preparation as they provide all the information you need in one place. The IELTS Elephant course is a full preparation course in 6 hours that has everything you need to achieve a 7 or higher IELTS band score.